Bot Commands


Music Command

RyZe have amazing music commands with high sound quality. Some of the music commands are play,pause,resume,skip, etc. Soon we will add more new music commands.

YouTube Command

RyZe has an amazing command which is related to YouTube. You can go directly on my own YouTube page!

Moderator Commands

RyZe contains moderator commands which can be used to kick, ban, create ticket, create channel, etc. You can easily moderate your server using RyZe.

Fun Commands

RyZe has alot of fun commands like: say, kiss, embed message, etc.. He's a very amazing bot he can do alot of things!

Help Command

RyZe has a help command. When you type that command a list of commands would appear in your Discord.

Welcome Command

You can set an welcome message when a person joins your Discord Server! For that you just have to type: r!setwelcome <#channel> .